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Developing Critical Thinkers, World Changers, and Compassionate People

High-Quality Preschool Education in Pittsburgh

Provide your child with a world-class education

Provide your child with an optimal learning environment

Prepare your child to be a leader

An Early Learning Experience That Celebrates Your Child’s Uniqueness

We know you want your child to be a compassionate, and self-assured individual with a love for learning who can solve problems and positively impact the world. 


You need access to quality care, seasoned teachers, and world-class educational resources to get there.


The Maker's Clubhouse Early Learning Center can meet your expectations for your child's learning environment—one that is beautiful, safe, and healthy! 

We know how to give kids a nurturing atmosphere and amazing experiences that will help them succeed in becoming tomorrow's leaders. Small, manageable class sizes are a hallmark of our curriculum that encourages the child’s development and enables optimal learning.


When you enroll your pre-schooler in TMC Early Learning Center, you’ll become part of a family where a love for learning, a positive sense of identity, and compassion for others are nurtured every day.


As an Early Learning Center family, you’ll Get…

  • A high-quality Montessori-inspired early learning experience for your preschool-aged child.

  • A qualified and caring staff of teachers, administrators, and caregivers.

  • Comfort in knowing your child is safe while you work or learn five days a week year-round.​

  • Access to our online storytime videos featuring your child’s teachers.

  • Exclusive invitations to extracurricular family enrichment events throughout the year.

  • Access to high-quality before and after care for your enrolled child.


How to begin the enrollment process

Contact us to get answers to your questions and receive news

Schedule a tour of our beautiful new classrooms and outdoor learning campus

Set up a parent account and complete the application. You will be contacted shortly to schedule an interview to see if becoming an Early Learning Center family is right for you

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